Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Well, a lot has happened in the last year+. Life is just this organic, always changing thing. To go from daily activities being the same to an extreme shake up is a bit difficult to accept.

Our son has started preschool. He goes 3 full days a week, which in turn enables me to job hunt, clean, and sort of decompress. Anyone who said I would become a Stay At Home Mom when I was laid off 4+ years ago, I'd have laughed at them. However, it has encompassed so much of the last 3 and a half years. Most days go really well, while others I hide in the bathroom while my mom keeps an eye on lil I can cry. To go from an "ideal" of thinking "My blog will be my main source of income"(psh, yeah right) to now applying for ANY job is a shock. Most people cannot stand the dull desk jockey job, whereas I thrived in my cubicle; decorated with photos of myself and the Hubs at our wedding, our crazy corgis, and general interests. OH! I had a 5 gal fish tank at my desk! True story! Wait, the rambling self is coming out. **FOCUS** To go from a professional, high stress submitting applications to CLEAN (No hate, just not what I am used to) has been sort of a shock and a shake up for me.

But, now with the impending holidays...and realizing how BROKE we sucks. At the beginning of April, we were looking to buy our first place. My (stupid) appendix had other ideas: ER admittance, followed by a CT scan showed it was the size of a grapefruit, thus needed to be removed. 3 day hospital stay and my Hubs staying home to take care of myself and lil man since per the doctor, I wasn't to lift over 5lbs. for 6 WEEKS. That screwed us financially.

Fast forward to present day- with lil man being in preschool (he needs little people socialization) it has become abundantly clear how BADLY I need to find work. There was something in the works for the end of September, alas it never came off. If only there were a way to be paid for attending to a rambunctious toddler while entertaining him, doing enrichment activities and trying to keep him eating balanced meals....but there is no such thing unless you work at a daycare/preschool.

I had a direction when I first started writing, but now it just seems to have become a "What the hell has been going on/catch-up" post.

I am thankful for my Health- that my appendix did not burst, that my Hubs and Lil Man are healthy and happy. Could we use more money, sure. But we have love and happiness in spades. And I am excited to have made our first Thanksgiving yesterday for my side of the family: my mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. I will post photos next week! And I am thankful to be spending the later part of today with my wonderful Mother and Father-in-law as well as my Brother-in-law and Lil Mans great Grandma.

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What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving Day? Are you traveling to be with family??

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A few cell phone photos from Georgia.

Our weather was kind of blah while in Georgia. It was kind of nice; chilly and rainy.
About an hour and a half still from my dads! Mind you, we had been awake since the morning before, around 9:00am- this photo was around 9:30am the NEXT day!

Gorgeous back roads in Cleveland, Ga!
Another winding roady!
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I will definitely be getting around to uploading from the camera! Much better photos!

New computer- new frustration!!!

Well, a few months back I mentioned the acquisition of said new equipment. It is a headache at best. It is brand new, in the box laptop- purchased from; however it takes FOREVER to power up, to get on the Internet, upload photos- everything is a mission for this new laptop. Reasons my sad lil blog have been suffering.
Our son will be TWO in 4 days! AAH!!!!! Craziness!! It still baffles my brain that we have this awesome Dude and he is OURS. Not a nephew, not a friends child- OURS. AH-mazing! With our son being born a few days before Fathers Day two years ago, his birthday generally falls a day or two before said holiday. Since this is the case, we will be celebrating ON his birthday with my half of the family (ice cream cake included!) and ON Fathers Day with my in-laws (and a different cake!). Our lucky boy gets TWO cakes, and sort of two parties!
The year has flown by! Seriously, in just a few blinks and **POOF!** its June!
We went to visit my father at the end of March/beginning of April. If you cannot tell, the hassle of trying to get said computer to work PLUS trying to upload photos has become sort of a PITA. When I get some free time (as these are generally done when The Dude naps) I shall upload our photos from Georgia as well as his birthday photos.
In December, I hadn't mentioned that my sisters FIL passed away suddenly so this is my Brother In Laws first Fathers Day as a dad and WITHOUT his father. To be considerate, my mother suggested we celebrate on Wednesday- tomorrow. We will be going to lunch at a wonderful seafood restaurant and it will be nice to NOT have to trudge through the craziness that is "Insert name of holiday" Day here. We can all relax and not stress.
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Do you have any Father's Day plans or traditions??

Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost April!!

So, I haven't had time to get on our computer. Plus our home is an older house that gets KAKA reception for wifi..
We generally don't go on many vacations but we went away after my birthday to Orlando for a few days. The Travel Deity had different plans seeing as all 3 of us got sick. Definitely put a damper on our plans. This will give us a greater incentive to return soon! AND! A-HA! The Hubs said we can to NEXT February for our first family trip to Disney! Talk about excitement! The Dude is tall enough to ride quite a bit at Magic Kingdom, but the year to grow will help with his speech development.
Also! We will be traveling soon to see my father in the next month! Sort of a bummer that he hasn't met my son yet, nor my sisters. BUT! She will be on her own to go with her husband to see our father. The weather has been insane in Georgia lately- snow, tornadoes, and rain about the wazoo. My father is currently recovering from the Flu (blech) so he should be back to full health when we venture up! Since my Hubs bought our wonderful camera, it will be nice to take GOOD quality photos whilst visiting. The time before last, my camera crapped out. (BOO!!)
My birthday was wonderful! As mentioned before, this was the birthday that my Jo Totes camera bag was finally obtained! Although, my shoulder pad tore within 3 weeks of using it. The Jo Totes team was wonderful & sent me a new one! My Hubs replaced my iPod classic; my old one died a few months back (The first one crashed & Apple gave me a refurb & that one lasted over 3 years) & the iPod currently being used- the battery would no longer hold a charge. So he got me a 160GB iPod Classic engraved with our two sayings! So sweet!
I wish there was more to report. Our mini rex bunny passed away. He was 11 years old. He'd been sick for quite some time (we actually thought this time last year that he would not make it) however the last 3-4 months especially, signs were showing that he wouldn't be with us much longer. He actually waited until my Hubs went in and loved on him. A few hours later, he was gone. Mr. Woolley- we are glad you are with Sniffles now & are restored to your pristine self. One of our basset hounds may be going to the Rainbow Bridge soon. She is 14+, and has terrible respiratory problems. Tomorrow will tell what the Vet says.
All in all, same old.
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Anything new/exciting going on with you??

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Very lastest update! And a new laptop!

We FINALLY got a new computer so yay blogging! My birthday is in 9 days *whoo*. In my family, my mom always made a big deal about our birthdays; now that the years are racking up, the excitement doesn't feel the same. There is still the tingles of joy in my belly, but the expectations versus the reality are never the same. That is not saying as the birthday comes and goes that it isn't joyful (with the exception of last years Birthday-That-Shall-Not-Be Named), which this year will be "The 30th Birthday: The Revenge", or "30th Birthday, Part 2". Now that I'm getting older, the birthdays don't seem to be the same.
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned, but my father-in-law & I share a birthday, just 20 years apart. Maybe that has something to do with the loss of magic? My birthday comes first in my family, followed by my mother 4 days later, and my sister 2 days after our mother. We do go to dinner for a trifecta birthday celebration. One year we tried 3 celebrations; needless to say, it was exhausting and a pain to boot. 
This year, we are (I am) hoping to trek north to Orlando for a few days. ALL I wanted to do was eat at Planet Hollywood & eat myself silly on Cap'n Crunch chicken.
I've received my birthday gifts from my family already. Since this is a new computer, it will take me a few days to upload all the photos I've taken, including those of my new awesome stuff.
I will say.......I FINALLY got a #JoTotes camera bag!! Let me gush for a moment. After deliberating for 10 minutes over 3 different ones, I chose the Millie in Marigold.
This bag is gorgeous! We currently have just the lens that came with the Rebel T3. If you're like me and have just the one body & lens- this bag is perfect. The camera fits perfectly on one side while the other side holds my wallet, phone, and tiny calendar & pencil bag (a very tiny pencil bag). Versus the old bag I bought from Amazon, this one is lighter with all that stuff than the old bag was EMPTY!
Having pulled a muscle UNDER my right shoulder blade is causing me a great deal of pain. Hopefully after some rest & a hot shower will set me right!
Once the photo upload is complete, the birthday gift photos will be put up in a separate post!
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When is your birthday?? Do you have any fun traditions?? 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Holy moly! I have NOT had time to blog! My son can now climb (on everything, I might add!) so it makes it difficult to get to the computer. 
With that said! Today is Chrismas and we celebrated with my in-laws and my family! We visited my in-laws yesterday (for Noche Buena) and The Dude had tons of fun with his grandma, grandpa, and great grandma! He was spoiled (yay!) he got ABC foam Sesame Street mats/puzzle pieces, new shoes, jammies, and a lady bug toy (which the name of escapes me!)
Not too sure if my few readers remember me having a Nail Technicians license so when my mother gave me a gift card to a local supply store for professionals, it excited me greatly! There are a few tools that need replacing and this will help!
Overall, Christmas was WONDERFUL! Time spent with family, lots of photos taken, and lots of memories made!
OH! My nephew will be 2 months at the end of the month! Neat, huh?? He is getting so big!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hopefully some of the photos taken with the working graces of the computer, will be posted (hopefully) by New Years!!!
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (I truly hope to publish another post before then!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday Things I Love renamed for Wednesday Wishlist!

Lately it has been hard to get to the computer on Tuesdays for the aforementioned post, this is because it is one of the two days off my Hubs is home.
Not wanting to do the typical Friday Favorites type post, my brain has been trying to figure out a different to post. Having only scheduled one post for a "future day", I prefer to have the idea of WHAT items I'd like to show and post them THAT day.
The fact that my son is teething like a dinosaur is making daily consistency difficult. He does not want to nap lately, only if the same boring movie is on and he has ran himself around the house in to exhaustion.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
So without further ado, here is the new Wednesday Wishlist!!!
(These are things I'd love to have, but do not have unlimited funds to buy this stuff!!)
The color of this bag is so pretty, and a nice neutral- not too bright or too bland.
These shoes are super comfy! I have them in gray but would love these! And for every pair you buy, SKECHERS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.
My son LOVES tags- on toys, clothes, blankets; everything!! Dino fabric and ribbon tags?! YES!
I have a video of my son playing with the tag on a toy.....for at least 5 minutes. The video, only being a minute long, is hysterical. He is GIGGLING profusely for a minute! It brings such joy to my heart!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My sister is due with her son soon. She went to the hospital a few days ago, since her BP was high. Depending on what her doctor says tomorrow, he may be here sooner rather than later. She used to have high BP and was on medication for it. Now it seems to have regulated but the day it was high, she had an issue with her preregistration at the hopsital where she will deliver. So she thinks due to human stupidity (they made her wait for 3 hours just to drop off a pee sample- TMI, I know. But c'mon, she is 38wks pregnant!)
Next Wednesday (Halloween) is our 4th wedding anniversary!! We were not able to get costumes this year, but I have enough halloween socks and such to pull together something for myself. >.<
- - -
Do you have any special Halloween traditions?? Will you be dressing up??